Nastya Ptichek.

Nastya Ptichek updates famous works of art with emojis and other computer related dialogue boxes:

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Best ep ever

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If God isn’t real then what is holding up my fedora then? Lochie 1 atheists 0


If God isn’t real then what is holding up my fedora then? Lochie 1 atheists 0

Anonymous asked: Why do you have a gf if you try to get roots on tinder?


I think if I were trying to get ” roots ” off Tinder, I think I’d go with a different approach. Actually meeting up with strangers from a dating app seems weird.

Around ten months I ago I put down my camera and said to myself I’ll never take another photo again. The hurt of having captured, saved, printed and cherished memories that I shared on a roll of film forever was enough for me to throw rolls of film in the bin and tear up hundreds of photos. I remember saying to myself that I’m doing this for a reason. So that I don’t capture something forever, something that means so much to me that I froze time itself for a selfish act that I could remember the time, date, location, person, event, smell, sound and emotional connection with the subject at hand. I did it so that I wouldn’t look back and see everything that I wasted behind the lens of a camera to have it all leave in a matter of days, months or years. When I recovered my life I picked it up and lied to myself and said it would never happen again. I’ve enjoyed ten months of endless feelings and events that I have had with people that have come and gone in my life. Each person has left a mark and an image that this time I will not throw away and start again. I won’t do it again now or in the future.
Photographs are moment that were worth capturing, might not seem like it at some point but something in that photo made you stop and take a little bit of it for you to keep forever.